Natural Turquoise (Peru) - Tumbled

Natural Turquoise (Peru) - Tumbled

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Ancient Egyptians believed Turquoise welcomed good fortune and made them safe. They carved the stone into symbolic jewelry and statues.

Turquoise was a sacred stone to many Native Americans as well. Often carved into the shape of animals, Turquoise was placed in tombs, believed to guard the dead and invite protective spirits.

Turquoise promotes spiritual ascension and facilitates communication with beings from other realms. It encourages one to be mindful of the present moment, clearing troubling thoughts about the past or future. 

Its cool color resonates with the Throat Chakra and enhances healthy communication and self-expression. It also helps to boost self-confidence. 

Turquoise is known to remove negativity from yourself and your environment. 

The listing is for one Natural Turquoise (Peru) tumble. 

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