Malachite Kicked My [Bleep]

forgiveness malachite

Not y’all thinking Moldavite is the god of crystals.

TikTok has convinced people that the only crystal that could drag you through the trenches is Moldavite. That is not true. In the universe of crystals - and there are a lot of them - Moldavite is not the only crystal that can whip you into shape.

If you follow @solacecrystals on Instagram, you know I occasionally discuss how Malachite kicked my axx. I purchased my first Malachite about two years ago. I was immediately drawn to it. It called my name. Chile, the excitement didn’t last long. Once I received my new crystal baby, I got intense headaches. Initially, I did not correlate the headaches with the Malachite. I soon realized that my headaches only appeared when I was around the Malachite.

I decided to cleanse it. I did a smoke cleanse and spoke my intentions into the Malachite. That did not work. I then decided to bury the Malachite in the soil of one of my plants and place it outside. I kicked the Malachite out of my house for several days. That did not work. I put it under the energy of the full moon. That did not work.

How tf was Malachite beefing with me when it was calling my name?

When nothing else worked, I decided that perhaps I would spend time meditating with it. I sat with the Malachite and connected with it. I asked it to reveal the issues that I was subconsciously avoiding or blocking, and, therefore, in conflict with Malachite and causing migraines. My headaches went away but little did I know, Malachite was about to make me its lil bxtch.

It revealed several things. The heartless things that I’ve done to people over the years resurfaced. I felt the lethality of the words that I spoke to others. I relived those moments and felt significant grief. I also felt bad for all of the hearts that I broke. Your girl was pimping okuurr. Most surprisingly, and perhaps most importantly, I felt compassion for those who had hurt me. Girl, what? Yes, you read correctly.

One day, while working with Malachite, I meditated, and I went back to a scene in my life when I was about seven years old. My mother had me pinned down across her lap, and she was beating me. During the actual event, I screamed and cried. When I relived the event via meditation, as my mother struck me, I looked up at her and saw a little girl crying. The little girl was my mother. She was hurting inside. I felt her pain. I looked at the little girl and said, “I love you,” and hugged her. We cried together. Suddenly, I was placed back in the present moment. Y’all, I cried and cried and cried.

A few years ago, prior to using Malachite, I told my mother how her abuse impacted me. The conversation didn’t end positively. I was hurt and angry by her response. I could not forgive her because I didn’t feel she was remorseful.

Malachite helped me realize that forgiveness is about personal healing, not the person or event that contributed to the pain. I had spent my life thinking that one depended on the other. If my mother had passed away, I dxmn sure would’ve never gotten the sincere apology that I felt I deserved. I would’ve had to find a way to move towards healing.

Additionally, Malachite helped me to see that there was a little girl in my mother who was hurting. She never got a chance to heal and therefore exuded her pain onto others.

Malachite is a Heart Chakra crystal, and it helped to heal my heart. I now understand that forgiveness is about releasing burdens from the heart - freeing and healing thyself.  Malachite revealed several other things to me, but we’ll talk about that later. It’s one of my favorite crystals.

What crystal had you fxcked up? Please don’t say Moldavite. Lol jk.

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