Dear Diary, Life is Hard

Dear Diary, life is hard.

I should start by saying that Solace Crystals was manifested from a place of love to encourage people to move towards healing. Solace Crystals was never intended to simply sell crystals. This blog post is my way of bringing you into Solace Crystal’s healing circle. Welcome.

The older and the more experienced I become, the more I realize that we all are going through something, have been through something, or life is waiting around the corner ready to throw something at us.

A while back, I had conversations with friends who were experiencing deep mental and emotional pain that correlated with the challenges/lessons that life was guiding them through. I believe that our major challenges are (for the most part) life lessons in disguise.

I have a friend who, amongst our friend group, gives the image that she is perfect, or maybe we’re projecting that onto her. Whatever it is, I was surprised when she called and said, “Life is hard, and I’m struggling. I need to talk to you. I can trust you to listen and not judge me.” She told me that marriage was not easy. And she had been at her breaking point for a long time. She was scared to tell others.

Another friend is dealing with family issues and a lack of self-love. Another friend is dealing with issues around finances and being a single parent. Another friend is dealing with marriage issues and postpartum depression. For me, I am working on establishing and enforcing healthy boundaries and healing broken relationships with family members.

What about you? What is life guiding you through?

Dear Diary, life is hard, but we are not perfect beings, and our lives are not meant to be perfect. Be kind to yourself. Show yourself lots of compassion. Give yourself lots of grace. The challenge is already kicking your axx, don’t kick your own axx as well.

If you can go to therapy, I highly recommend going to therapy. But if you cannot (or do not)  for whatever reason, I have found other things that are therapeutic to me. Perhaps they would be therapeutic to you. These are not intended to replace consultation with a licensed professional.

-Podcasts: Throwing Light, Slay Girl Slay, Therapy for Black Girls, Black Girl Podcast

-Meditation, journaling, healing circles, taking a break from stressors (when applicable) 

-TV Shows: Iyanla: Fix My Life (Note: I don’t necessarily agree with the approach used in the show, but it’s a good feeling to know that I’m not alone and others have family and personal challenges.)

Books: Many Lives Many Masters, Reality Unveiled, Your Soul’s Gift: The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born

I encourage you to move towards healing by navigating those challenges and asking, “What am I learning about myself?” “What have I learned about others?” In asking those questions, lead with positivity and grace. Life is hard, BUT there are people on the battlefield with us. Sometimes they are fighting their own battles, other times they are loved ones who are there fighting with us.

Laugh, cry, dance, sing…it’s time to heal 💗

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