Malachite Kicked My [Bleep]

forgiveness malachite

Not y’all thinking Moldavite is the god of crystals. TikTok has convinced people that the only crystal that could drag you through the trenches is Moldavite. That is not true. In the universe of crystals - and there are a lot of them - Moldavite is not the only crystal that can whip you into shape. If you follow @solacecrystals on Instagram, you know I occasionally discuss how Malachite kicked my axx. I purchased my first Malachite about two years ago. I was immediately drawn to it. It called my name. Chile, the excitement didn’t last long. Once I received...

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Dear Diary, Life is Hard

Dear Diary, life is hard. Life is filled with challenges, lessons, and hurdles. Journey with us as we offer motivation to keep going or to take a break. We’re not perfect beings, and our lives are not meant to be perfect. Offer yourself love, grace, and compassion as you approach life's challenges. You are not alone.

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How to Identify A Crystal?

Don't know what type of crystal you have? FIRST, identify the color of your crystal or the color that it closely resembles. Use the crystal identification guide to help you identify your crystal's healing properties.

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